Edsel Ford

Edsel Ford once owned The White Hart. As the story goes Edsel (who went to Hotchkiss) bought the inn in the 1930's when his children were attending the school. Our understanding was that he bought it to guarantee that he would have a nice place to stay when visiting the area. We were reminded of this piece of The White Hart's History when Jennifer Ganem wrote to us. Jennifer wrote a book, Dearborn Inn, about the history of another inn that the Ford family owned, the Dearborn Inn in Michigan. Until Jennifer wrote to us we hadn't realized that Ford had an interest in inns beyond just wanting a nice place to stay in Salisbury. There is an interview with Jennifer on Kiwanitalk, a cable TV show produced by the Kiwanis Club of Dearborn where she mentions The White Hart at the 19:00 and 27:30 marks.